Bunn Coffee Makers Are Available in a Wide Array of Styles

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Bunn coffee makers are popular with many devoted coffee drinkers. This leading coffee maker company offers a variety of styles to fit the needs of users. In 1957, Bunn introduced the first paper coffee filter. In 1963, they introduced the ‘pourover’ coffee brewer.

Automatic (coffee makers that connect to a water source) and manual (coffee makers that require reservoir filling before use) styles are available. Manual coffee makers are also called pourover coffee makers.

Bunn Airpot Coffee Maker: Coffee is brewed directly into an airpot. These machines do not contain warmers.

Bunn Drip Coffee Maker: Drip coffee makers deliver brewed coffee into glass carafes. A warmer beneath the carafe keeps coffee hot.

Bunn Liquid Coffee Maker: Liquid concentrate is used to brew coffee in these machines. They are especially used for brewing large quantities of coffee.

Bunn Pod Coffee Maker: This style brews a single cup of coffee each time. Pre-measured, prefilled pods are easy to use and make cleanup a breeze. These coffee makers are fast, brewing a fresh cup of coffee in under a minute.

Bunn Satellite Coffee Maker: These coffee makers are preferred for commercial use in offices, restaurants and locations needing larger quantities of coffee. Once brewed, the coffee is placed in carafes that sit on warmers to preserve heat.

Bunn Softheat Coffee Maker: These are used for brewing large amounts of coffee. The machine’s heat control sensor shuts off automatically when the machine reaches the desired temperature. An included coffee grinder interface automatically dispenses amount of coffee needed.

Bunn Thermal Coffee Maker: This style of machine brews coffee into a thermal carafe. Coffee remains hot longer and tastes fresher.

Bunn Thermofresh Coffee Maker: Can be used for brewing large amounts of coffee. The machine is capable of storing coffee recipes, making it easy for coffee aficionados to brew their favorite coffees.

Bunn Urn Coffee Maker: Businesses and organizations use this coffee maker to brew enormous amounts of coffee (more than 11 gallons per hour).

Bunn Coffee Maker Special Features

Bunn coffee makers offer distinctive benefits, including patented reservoirs, a 3 minute brewing cycle and sprayhead to distribute water evenly over coffee grounds.

Patented reservoirs used in Bunn coffee makers feature that maintain a brewing temperature of 200 degrees, unlike conventional home coffee makers that heat water only until it boils high enough to reach the coffee basket.
The Bunn coffee maker 3 minute brewing cycle is not only fast, it reduces bitterness. Typical coffee makers continue brewing until all water is boiled away.

Unlike conventional coffee makers where water drips from the reservoir through the coffee, Bunn coffee makers contain a special sprayhead that exposes all of the coffee to water instead of just the area beneath the drip.

Bunn coffee makers can be found in homes, restaurants and businesses all over the United States. Many coffee lovers swear by Bunn machines and refuse to use any other coffee maker. The company offers a wide array of coffee maker styles to fit individual needs and budgets.

Best Coffee Makers

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One will always get an ear-full of how great a coffee maker is when walking into a friend’s home. You put up with all the details of the machine and eventually try out the greatest coffee it can produce. At another friend you get the same story, but concerning a different coffee maker. You can make the best cup of coffee with a very simple coffee maker, and one specific machine is the manual drip machine.

The French Press is a glass jar. It has vertical sides and a plunger, and attached to the plunger is a mesh filter. The coffee is inserted in the jar, hot water is poured in, the lid is attached, and after 4 minutes all you have to do is slowly press the plunger down. That is all it takes, and with that you will be able to enjoy a tasteful cup of coffee.

Next are coffee percolators. You do not want to make your coffee with one of these. Percolators are pots that have to stand on the stove for endless hours. This is not the best way to use up the coffee beans that you carefully selected. When coffee is brewed, the temperature of the water has to be just below the boiling stage. Percolators are culprits for boiling the flavor out of the beans. If you think otherwise, keep your old percolator. However, if you want the quality out of your coffee beans, try using a different maker.

Yum, Coffee Drip Brewers are probably the most common and the best when it comes to coffee machines. You probably own one or have one at work. All this requires is for you to add your coffee in the filter, fill with water, flick the switch and watch the container fill with coffee. If you have a good coffee maker model, the water will hit the coffee at the exact temperature. These brewers can supply you with a cup of coffee you will never forget.

There is however a downfall with these machines and you’ve probably tasted the downfall two hours after it was made in the machine. What happens is after the coffee has brewed and is now standing on the hotplate, after some time the hotplate starts cooking your coffee. The solution is to make just the right amount you think you will consume in the next thirty minutes. It is advisable to make a fresh pot if you want more coffee an hour later.

Single mug coffee brewers have their advantages and their disadvantages. The advantages are that you will have a fresh cup of coffee every single time and there will be no mess and coffee ground will not be spilled. The disadvantages are that you can only brew the coffee that is sold in these pods or cups. You will not be able to go down to the store to try a new blend of coffee beans. Manufacturers have their own coffee suppliers, and what they have on the shelf is what you get.

Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

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Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

Automatic espresso coffee makers are more expensive than many other coffee makers. They are prestigious as well as good coffee makers. They’re available in semi-automatic, fully-automatic and super automatic machines.

Semi-Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

The distinction between semi, fully and super automatic lies in the automation process. Semi-automatic espresso coffee makers are very popular. The electric pump makes for consistently good coffee. Users put coffee and water into the machine. Pulling the electric pump turns the coffee maker on and off.

Semi-Automatic espresso coffee makers automatically:

>tamp down coffee grounds
>brew coffee
>fill coffee cup
>eject used grounds

Semi-automatic espresso coffee makers can be purchased for less than a thousand dollars.

Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

Fully automatic espresso coffee makers work like the semi-automatic machines but operate via the simple touch of a button.

Fully automatic espresso coffee makers automatically:

>grind coffee
>fill brewing chamber
>tamp down coffee grounds
>brew coffee
>fill coffee cup
>eject used grounds

Prices for fully automatic espresso coffee makers range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

Super automatic espresso coffee makers are the luxury version of coffee machines. In addition to the fully automated process, the super coffee maker comes with a built-in coffee grinder and other special features. These machines are fast, easy to use and easy to maintain. Most allow the user to brew any number of specialty coffees such as espresso, cappuccino and lattes.

Super automatic espresso coffee makers automatically:
>grind coffee
>fill brewing chamber
>tamp down coffee grounds
>brew coffee
>fill coffee cup
>eject used grounds into waste box

Users of fully automatic espresso coffee makers do not have to deal with grinding coffee beans or hot filters and cleaning sieves. Super machines include either a steam wand or an automatic system to froth milk. Competition between super automatic espresso coffee maker companies is fierce. Each is seeking to create the best loved, most versatile machine.

Some machines now feature automatic cleaning and descaling. Another special feature is the presence of water filters that reduce mineral content and get rid of the taste of chlorine. Adjustable coffee cup spouts and the ability to manually control water volume in a cup of coffee are also added features available on select machines.

Prices for super automatic espresso coffee makers run from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Popular Features of Automatic Espresso Coffee Makers

Features differ among brands and styles of automatic espresso coffee makers. Available features include the following.

Adjustable dosing:
In coffee, dose refers to the number of grams of coffee used in brewing a shot. Some espresso coffee makers allow users to adjust both number of grams and amount of water used.

Bean Grinder:
Bean grinders are included on some units to automatically grind the necessary amount of coffee.

Brass Boiler:
Brass boilers offer greater durability and help retain warmth. Machines with brass boilers reheat faster and have less fluctuation in water temperature.

Bypass Doser:
A bypass doser allows users to use a different blend of coffee than what is already in the machine grinder. Emptying the grinder isn’t necessary.

Cup Warmer:
Some units feature a cup warmer. Using a pre-warmed cup maintains the heat of the coffee for a longer period of time.

Milk frothing/foaming wand:
Cappuccino and latte drinkers need machines with a milk frothing/foaming wand. These aren’t available on all machines. Some of the more expensive coffee maker models feature milk reservoirs.

Pre-brewing pre-moistening:
Coffee is pre-moistened. This may provide for superior taste.

Removable Brew Group:
The brew group refers to where the brewing occurs. If these components can be removed, they’re easier to clean. Machines without removable components often have automatic cleaners.

Water Filter:
Some high-end espresso coffee makers have water filters built in to eliminate chlorine, minerals and contaminants that affect taste. If filters are present, they do have to be changed regularly.

Automatic Drip Coffee Makers

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The most common type of coffee maker available is the automatic drip coffee maker. Everyone has had one of these at one time or another and they are the most frequently purchased coffee makers ever made. They are simple to use, the coffee tastes good, and they come with all sorts of options.

The automatic drip coffee maker ranges in price from as low as $15.00 to as much as $300.00 depending on brand, options, and what their specific purpose will be. A standard 10 cup automatic drip coffee maker will cost a lot less than a larger or smaller automatic drip coffee maker as those are specialized units that serve a more specific purpose.

10 Cup Auto Drip Coffee Maker For Sale:

The automatic drip coffee maker works by putting water into the designated spot (usually on the back or side of the machine), adding a coffee filter, then dumping coffee grounds into the filter. All that’s left is to push the ON button and wait. This ease of use is what makes the automatic drip coffee maker so popular. Everyone can use it and it is also very easy to maintain.

Many automatic coffee makers come with a wide assortment of extra features. The most common feature is a timer. You can fill your automatic drip coffee maker with water and coffee grounds then specify what time you want your coffee maker to start brewing your coffee. This is useful for people who work every day at 7 am and want to have coffee waiting for them right when they wake up.

It can be hard to get the motivation to prep your coffee every morning and it is easy to do it the night before. Some models will reheat old pots, connect to a water line so you don’t have to fill them, and have many other options you may like.

Automatic drip coffee makers can be found in every type of store you can imagine. From supermarkets, to retail stores, to thrift shops, you are bound to see a vast selection to choose from. There are many on line stores and websites that specialize in only automatic drip coffee makers so if you are comfortable shopping on line, that might be an option.

The great thing about on line shopping is that you are usually presented with many different deals. You may receive a supply of coffee, get a free coffee of the month membership, or maybe have the ability to upgrade your coffee maker at a reduced price later on.

The coffee that you use in your automatic drip coffee maker is what will make all the difference in taste. If you don’t care about that and just want a cup of coffee, you can use any brand you like. For those that have a particular love of coffee, they might try grinding their own beans or using a grinding device at a supermarket. There are many kinds of coffee you can try with your automatic drip coffee maker.

All About Drip Coffee Makers

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Drip coffee makers are some of the most commonly used coffee makers in the United States. They are easy to use and inexpensive to own and operate. Available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes, there’s a drip coffee maker to fit any kitchen. One study reports that automatic drip coffee makers are the most purchased small kitchen appliance. Approximately 14 million automatic drip coffee makers are sold each year.

Mr. Coffee is one of the best known automatic drip coffee makers. Other well-known coffee maker companies include Black and Decker, Braun, Cuisinart, and Proctor-Silex.
Automatic drip coffee makers are used in many homes and businesses. They work by dripping water through a filter containing ground coffee. Two types of filters are available for these machines: paper and permanent.

Paper filters can affect coffee taste as can some plastic permanent filters. Plastic filters do not last as long as metal filters. Metal filters may require that coffee beans be ground a bit coarser than is needed for paper filters.
Automatic drip coffee makers offer a variety of special features. From basic machines to high end models that do everything from grinding the beans to brewing it at a pre-set time. Basic automatic drip coffee makers feature a water reservoir, a filter basket, and warming plate to keep carafe warm. Most feature filter baskets that swing out or lift out and simple on/off control.
Extra features include indicator lights, a brew-pause selection, digital display and /or digital control panel, clocks, timers, permanent filters an automatic shut off. High end features include water filtration, flavor settings, and a built in grinder. Single cup machines are available, as are machines making anywhere from 4 cups to 12 cups.

Drip Coffee Maker Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best temperature for brewing coffee?

Most experts agree that 200 degrees is the best temperature for brewing coffee. Many restaurants do not allow the temperature to get that high because of liability issues should a consumer spill coffee and get burned.

What affects the quality of a cup of coffee?

Several things can affect the quality of brewed coffee. The cleanliness of the brewing equipment, the quality of the coffee beans, how long it has been since the beans were roasted, how long it has been since the beans were ground and the quality of the water used in brewing.

How do I clean my coffee maker?

Coffee makers should be cleaned at least once a week. Some experts suggest using dish detergent and water. Other experts suggest running one fourth part vinegar and three fourths part water through the brewing cycle a time or two followed by running plain water through the cycle. This removes hard water deposits and other buildup.

Can Espresso beans be used in drip coffee makers?


Where did the term ‘cup of joe’ come from?

Some say that Admiral Josephus (Joe) Daniels once outlawed alcohol on ships, making coffee the most used beverage, hence the ‘cup of joe.’ Others say that the term comes from ‘Joe’ as 19th cent, slang for coffee. Automatic drip coffee makers allow coffee lovers to indulge their senses whenever they please.

The Jura Ena 9 Micro Coffee Maker

The Jura Ena 9 Micro Coffee Maker – We Look At Its Key Features

Do you like coffee and cappuccino? I know that I’m a huge fan. But there are very few people who can make a good cup of coffee right off the bat. You likely know this from experience; we all have those friends who think they can make good coffee, but you think it tastes quite horrible.

It’s funny, isn’t it? Why should coffee be so hard to make? Wouldn’t it be great to have a professional coffee machine in your home without breaking the bank and without taking up too much space in your house?

Now there’s an option for you. We’re going to check out the JURA ENA 9 Micro, one of the smallest and most compatible coffee and cappuccino makers out there.

What is the JURA ENA 9 Micro?

JURA makes a great line of coffee and specialty coffee makers that can be used by anyone, anywhere to make amazing coffee drinks. The JURA ENA 9 Micro is the smallest one touch automatic cappuccino machine in the world. Wow! It’s meant for people who live alone or small families where only a couple of people consume coffee drinks – so if this is you, the JURA ENA 9 Micro may be for you!

jura ena 9 micro coffee maker
What makes the JURA ENA 9 so special?

There are a variety of features that make the JURA ENA 9 micro special and unique. We’re going to check them out so that you can see how cool the JURA ENA 9 Micro is and so you can determine if it’s the specialty coffee maker for you and your home.

  • The Size. Many professional grade coffee makers take up a lot of space in your home. The JURA ENA 9 Micro is 11% smaller than the rest of JURA’s ENA line. The dimensions of 9.06 x 12.72 x 17.52 in (W x H x D) make it perfect for any home brewing area or even for small businesses that want to have a specialty coffee machine.
  • The simplicity. Many coffee machines, especially of this caliber, end up being complicated and confusing. The JURA ENA 9 Micro is far from that! Everything is simple – from the symbols on the machine that tell you where to put certain ingredients, to what buttons you need to press in order to get great coffee drinks, it’s all a piece of cake to figure out! On top of that, the “traffic light” display (green is go, yellow is programming, red means error) makes it simple to see how your machine is functioning.
  • Make coffee drinks, just how you want them! Another piece of the simplicity puzzle is the simple-to-use rotary switch that helps you make your coffee just how you want it. Want a macchiato? Then turn the switch and get exactly what you want. The same for cappuccinos, café crème, and espressos. Do you just want to make some hot cocoa or tea? There’s a hot water setting too! One button and switch does it all.
  • Tasty foam too! One trait of specialty coffee drinks that makes them so special is the foamy milk on top. The Jura Ena 9 Micro offers an adjustable spout so that you can get just the right amount of foam for you. On top of that, you have separate coffee and milk pipes, to keep the machine hygienic.

What do people think about the Jura Ena 9 Micro?

If you want an awesome cappuccino maker that works quickly and easily, the Jura Ena 9 Micro may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you don’t believe me, then why not check out what others have to say about it?

“A mere 12 minutes passed between the second it took me to open the Jura box to the moment I took my first sip of REALLY delicious latte macchiato. That included running the hard water test. If you are looking to save time, you can’t get much faster than that. The Jura ENA Micro 9 is very fast, great looking and (most importantly) it makes a DELICIOUS espresso and espresso drinks.” – Natasha S.

“As I write this, I am sipping and enjoying a lovely Caramel Macchiato. Made at home. Simply and quickly. And it’s quite yummy. I love my Jura. It’s like my favorite coffee shop just moved into my house. How cool is that?” – Lindsay P.

“I’ve only had it for a couple of months, but so far so good! I am a big fan of cappuccinos and this machine makes great ones with lots of foam. It’s simple to use and simple to maintain. Each cup is made pretty fast and you can also make an espresso, latte and regular coffee, too.” – Penny C.

Hundreds of happy Jura customers can’t be wrong! And with a 2 year warranty, why not consider trying this awesome piece of coffee making technology? Go on! Try it today!

Jura Ena 9 One Touch Coffee Maker

Jura Ena 9 One Touch Coffee Maker – Some Key Facts To Consider

When we think of fancy coffee, we usually think of places like Starbucks or the coffee shop around the corner. We think about spending 3-4 dollars for a cup of coffee, and getting an hour or so of enjoyment out of it. What if you could reduce the cost of that cup of coffee, and get it whenever you want, in the comfort of your own home?

JURA has a great line of specialty coffee makers that can give you that great coffee drink taste for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time – right in the comfort of your own home. One of their most innovative items is the JURA ENA 9 One Touch.

What is the JURA ENA 9 One Touch?

Most specialty coffee machines require a lot of expertise, a lot of steps, and a lot of cleaning. The JURA ENA line of products wants to make coffee drinks simple to make from home. Instead of taking an hour to make that perfect drink, the JURA ENA 9 One Touch makes it simple – put in the water, press a button, and you’re good to go.

Jura Ena 9 One Touch Coffee Maker
The JURA ENA 9 One Touch is also a space saver – instead of taking up half of your kitchen counter, the slim and short design make it easy for you to add it to a kitchen of any size or type.

What features does the JURA ENA 9 One Touch have?

There are a variety of different features that the JURA ENA 9 One Touch has available for any and all users. Here’s the list of JURA standards.

  • You can brew varying sizes of coffee, anywhere from .17 to .56 oz (5g to 16g).
  • Patented Pre-brew aroma system (known as IPBAS)
  • Preground coffee powder
  • Hot water functions, so that you can make tea and/or hot cocoa without having to boil water. With this, you can also program the amount of water dispensed, which can be adjusted for every preparation.
  • A special milk frother, to make your specialty drinks that much more special.
  • Height adjustable coffee and milk spouts, so that you can get that perfect amount and/or the perfect cup.
  • A “sleep mode” to save energy. On top of that, you can make the JURA ENA 9 One Touch turn off and/or use less energy with their specialized controls.
  • A cone-shaped grinder so you can use your favorite beans. This grinder also is a piece of the puzzle that makes the coffee whatever strength you would (or wouldn’t) like it at.
  • Self-cleaning, rinsing, and descaling program so that there’s less to clean.

The JURA ENA 9 One Touch also has an amazing technology that makes it that much easier to make the coffee drinks that you want. Introducing the simple to use rotary switch, which allows you to make a variety of specialty drinks, including macchiatos, cappuccinos, and other coffee shop favorites with just the touch of a button.

What are people saying about the JURA ENA 9 One Touch?

So, the JURA ENA 9 One Touch has all of these great features, but are people happy with it? Absolutely! There are hundreds of people and businesses that have switched to the JURA ENA 9 One Touch, and have found amazing amounts of satisfaction with it. Check out these rave reviews from happy customers!

“First off, I was looking for a machine that’s totally automatic and hassle free. Just one-click and by the time I wear my tie, my Cappuccino is ready. So I did a bit of research online before settling on this one and boy am I happy with it.” – Sam S.

“Once upon a time, I had a grinder, a tamper, pull my own shots, froth my own milk, and clean up 12 different parts… for a single drink. Now, I fill the water, hit a button, hit the same button again, and I am done. My macchiato, cappuccino or espresso is ready in less than 5 minutes. Sure beats pulling my own shots and all the fuss before.” -Mac B.

“This is a wonderful machine. It is so EASY. But honestly it is SO LAZY. It uses 1 button to make nearly every drink you could want. It does everything but add sugar, if that is your kind of thing. The coffee and the milk come out plenty hot. It goes from completely off to finished product quite fast; it is faster than a Keurig.” – Tim L.

See? Why not consider joining the hundreds of happy customers who have switched to making their coffee drinks at home? The JURA ENA 9 One Touch may be the best option for you and your family! Check it out today.

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